What you’ve done for me is incredible.  I feel better now than I have done for 25 years


I was suffering from poor and deteriorating health for about a year before I was recommended to Judy Rocher. Judy was able to devise a personal programme to support the causes as well as the symptoms of my condition. Within a matter of weeks I started to see the improvements. I am so grateful to Judy for her patience and advice. She has been instrumental in restoring my health.


just wanted to let you know that I have been attending an annual 3 day convention held either at The Brighton Centre or an outdoor stadium for some 25 years and this year at the AMEX, this weekend just gone, I sat there in absolute comfort for the first time. I know it was the cleansing routine which you put me on that quietened down the irritation in my digestive tract and it has been maintained to date by the changes I have made to my diet as recommended by you. Thank you.


I had been suffering from a badly inflamed knee for some months following an operation. Despite taking pain relief and anti-inflamatory medication, the symptoms persisted. Judy was able to to devise a personal programme to treat this and advised a heavy metal detox treatment to help with other related symptoms. After following this programme for only a few weeks the improvement to both the inflamation and my general health has been vastly improved beyond my expectations. I am so grateful to Judy for her knowledge, expertise and advice, she has made a real and positive difference to my condition.


As a trained medical doctor I probably received a few hours nutrition tuition during my medical school training.  One hour with Judy, with me as the patient and not the other way around, and I left feeling informed and motivated to change my diet and my health.  The proof has been in the pudding with my general health improving and my specific nutritional needs being catered for to not only improve how I look and feel, but also improve my nutritional blood test results from a medical doctor’s point of view.  Judy is a delight to work with and her passion for her subject and enthusiasm, and extra care in helping me whether it be via emailed information or via face to face advice never cease to amaze me.  Thank you Judy so much.


I devised a healthy eating plan for a client who suffered long term health problems :

I have struggled with my weight most of my life, and have tried numerous diets. They all involve eating low calorie/low fat food, in small quantities. The result has been temporary weight loss, being hungry, feeling depressed, and no long term benefit. So I was sceptical about a diet involving no low calorie or low fat food, just eating large healthy meals, and allowing some biscuits and even cake. But results speak for themselves. Steady weight loss, alongside feeling well. My energy levels are better than I imagined possible, I have not needed my asthma inhaler for ages, and I just feel well! The downside is that most of my clothes are too big for me, having lost over three inches from my waist. But that’s a price worth paying. It’s not a diet as I know it, just a healthy eating way of life. And it works.



I was diagnosed with ME/CFS when I was 15, and there was little support and help available from the medical profession. I was referred to Judy, six months later through my Mum. Judy looked at all aspects of my health, and treated me as a whole person. At first, it seemed like a lot of changes and was quite hard as I was a typical teenager (and still am).  However after Christmas 2012, when  I’d been following my personalised programme of careful diet, supplements, meditation, relaxation and ozone therapy, I had not had a cold virus for six weeks. This was a miracle for me, and I felt so much better. Gradually, over the next six months my sleep improved, my headaches lessened, I lost weight and my energy increased. Without Judy’s support and encouragement, I don’t think I would have had the stamina to get through my GCSEs. Thank-you Judy!



It will be two months tomorrow since I started the protocol and it has been very successful.  There has been significant weight loss and I feel very much better.  My digestion has improved immeasurably


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