I work from The London Clinic of Nutrition, 10 Upper Wimpole Street, London, W1G 6LL. Please phone 020 3332 0030 to book an appointment, or visit






I also see patients privately via Skype or in Brighton, please contact me on for more information. Together we will work on a personalised nutritional programme designed to suit your specific health goals. I provide dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice using a naturopathic approach. I specialise in supporting the body against chronic infections such as Lyme disease, but can help with any health issues including gut problems, thyroid and hormone issues, disease prevention strategies and anti-ageing. I also use the BIOSCAN-SWA to scan the energetic body field. This provides 250 values which give detailed information about the actual state of health and can save the client a lot of money compared to the standard functional testing.