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CNM Open Day – 27th January, 2018

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Speaking at the CNM Open Day on Natural Immunity and Health –   https://www.naturopathy-uk.com/events/events-special-uk/

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Amchara Health Retreat in Gozo – December 2016

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Spent an amazing week at the beautiful Amchara Health retreat. The juices supplied for the juice fasting were delicious, and the daily Far Infrared Saunas, twice daily yoga sessions, walks and relaxation were all just what the doctor ordered! I had IHHT therapy (Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperopic therapy) to improve cellular energy, ThyroFlex test which measured how my Thyroid was faring, as well as HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measured for 24 hours to monitor stress levels. The staff are brilliant and a stay is highly recommended to kick start a...

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In association with AONM – natural therapies for Lyme

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Training on Natural Therapies for Lyme disease at Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park April 16th, 2016 – full house!!

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BANT Healthy Eating Plates

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See this healthy eating plate for general advice on how to eat to stay well: http://bant.org.uk/bant/pdf/consultations/healthyeatingpuzzle_LORES.pdf

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CAMEXPO October 2014

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Attended an excellent CAMExpo – bought some gorgeous Salty lamps – see here for details: http://www.saltylamps.co.uk

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IFM Detox Challenge

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Grafter of the month

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Yes to Life 5th June

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CAM Conference Detoxification – 7th June 2014

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Attending the latest CAM Conference on detoxification on Saturday 7th June.  Will be covering heavy metal detoxification and general ways to protect ourselves from the chemical onslaught in todays world.

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Lyme connection to Alzheimers disease – 4th June

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I attended a talk by Dr Alan MacDonald, a pathologist, who has found Borrelia bacteria (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease) in the brains of 7 out of 10 autopsies of people who had Alzheimers disease. Very interesting to hear there is a connection.

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