Easy Detox

According to Dr Joseph Pizzorno in his book The Toxin Solution, toxins damage every aspect of our physiological function and are implicated in virtually every disease. Detoxifying our bodies is a lifelong daily concern, but this initial 7 day program can get you started in the right direction.

Amrita’s Easy Detox™ programme supports and enhances your body’s natural detox pathways to cleanse out toxins at a deep cellular level and then flushes them out of your body. It also provides high-level antioxidant support to minimize any adverse reactions as those toxins are re-packaged for removal.

This programme is for those people who often feel tired, run down and lack energy for no apparent reason. Chances are you are being held back by environmental toxins which have invaded our lifestyles over the past 50 years or so.

 This system is simple and lives up to its name, so why not commit to the 7 day program and get your sparkle back. See here for more information Amrita’s Easy Detox™