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Many of us don’t realise that we may be deficient in nutrients that are so vital if we are to maintain our good health.  It is thought that 95% of all chronic disease is caused by lack of exercise and poor food choices. As our environment becomes laden with toxic chemicals, it becomes even more important to look after our bodies, so that we can deal with the onslaught of these toxins.

At Honest Health, we  design nutrition and wellness programmes personalised specifically for you, as we are all unique.  Our aim is to restore full, vibrant health. We specialise in chronic illness including chronic infections.

Fully supported detoxification programs, various laboratory testing including gut, allergy, thyroid, and adrenal stress testing, as well as guided help for weight loss are provided. We use Bioscan-SWA to scan the energetic body field. This provides about 250 values which give detailed information about the actual state of health

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